MolBox LabMinion

MolBox LabMinion™ is a stand-alone laboratory automation controller based on an embedded Linux system. LabMinion uses the Programming by Demonstration method of robot control. Biologists, chemists, and others may create programs without writing code, by using a six-axis joystick to set up patterns of motion which can be repeated on demand.

LabMinion currently supports TECAN's line of lab robots, but it can be easily re-targeted on customer request. Unlike the software supplied by most robot vendors with their machines, LabMinion does not limit the user to a particular set of accessories whose dimensions have been entered into a database beforehand. Instead, one can make use of any equipment which physically fits inside the robot cabinet, including the manipulator arms of any neighboring robots. LabMinion can also control analytical balances, spectrophotometers, hot/cold plates, and many other instruments.

Please watch our prototype demo below. The instruments featured in this demo film are the Liquid Handling Arm (LiHa) and Robotic Manipulator Arm (RoMa) of a TECAN Freedom EVO 200 robotic workstation, as well as a Molecular Devices SpectraMax Absorbance Microplate Reader, an instrument which was not originally designed for use with robots.

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